Machine Specifications

Range of module M0.25 - M3
Degrees of indexing 360°
Max. cutting length 300mm
Max. cutting diameter 40mm
Max. tool dia. (hole * Keyway) 110* 25.4* 6.35 mm
Helical angle R.H.45°, L.H. 90°
Workpiece clamping method collet type
Tailstock method Servomotor
Number of simultaneously moving shaft 8‐Axis simultaneous processing

Max. speed of X‐axis (for. / back.) 5000 mm/min
Max. speed of Y‐axis (right / left) 5000 mm/min
Max. speed of Y2‐axis (right / left) 5000 mm/min
Max. speed of A‐axis (chuck) 6000 mm/min
Max. speed of B‐axis (Cutter tilting axis) 300 mm/min
Max. speed of Z‐axis (up / down) 5000 mm/min
Max. angular speed of S1‐axis cutter 1500 rpm
Max. angular speed of S2‐axis cutter 6000 rpm
Max. speed of cutting stroke 5000 mm/min

Perpendicularity of machining ± 5μm / 100mm
Workpiece precision 3~4 levels
Workpiece surface quality (μm) Ra 0.8

X axis motor 1.8KW / 11.5NM
Y axis motor 1.8KW / 11.5NM
Y2 axis motor 1.3KW / 8.34NM
A axis motor 0.85KW / 5.39NM
B axis motor (Cutter tilting axis) 0.4KW / 1.27NM
Z axis motor 0.85KW / 5.39NM
S1 axis cutter motor 4.4KW / 28.4NM
S2 axis cutter motor 1KW / 3.18NM
Cutting fluid motor 1.5 KW (2HP)
Hydraulic motor 0.75 KW (1HP)
Oil controller 0.15 KW
Cutting fluid separation tank 0.1 KW (1/8HP)
mist collector 0.25 KW
Chip conveyor 40 W

Total power (KW) 18 KW
Machine dimensions 206* 155* 198 CM
positioning space dimensions 211* 212* 243 CM
Packing dimensions 236* 232* 228 CM



Machine Specifications