Machine Speed and Effi. Comparison

Performance Comparison:

  Shaft Modular
RGL 130 seconds
Germany 646 seconds
Japan 750 seconds

*The information from RGL existing equipments.

Worm Teeth Cutting Test :

Worm Material : S45C Hexagonal part machining

Hexagonal part machining

Module : M3
Length : 50mm
Accuracy : 5µm / 100mm
Time : Shortened by 70%

Surpasses the Speed and Accuracy of Whirl Wind Type Milling Machine

worm profile

Applicable Jobs

Worm / Dual-lead Worm / Variable-lead Worm / Tapered Worm / Lead Screw /
Spline Shaft with 6,8 or 10 Grooves/ Emove Sharp Corners on Thread / keyway.

  • Spline Shaft Work Pice Spline Shaft Work Pice
  • Work Pice (To Match With Bevel Gear) Work Pice
    (To Match With Bevel Gear)
  • Worm Shaft Worm Shaft
  • Work Pice Work Pice
  • DUAL-LEAD Work Piece DUAL-LEAD Work Piece
  • Hexagonal part machining Hexagonal part machining
  • Cavex Cavex
  • Grinding Wheel Machining Grinding Wheel Machining
  • Integral forming blade feed rod
  • M4-SCM440
  • M5-S45C


Optimized Machine Structure High Rigidity !
Deformation Free

The structural parts of the machine, such as the base and saddle, are analyzed by using the advanced Finite element Analysis software. When the structural parts are subjected to a maximum load, there is almost no deformation on the base and a minimum deformation of less than 10µm on the saddle. This gives a proof for the unmatched structural rigidity of DS-1000.

Machining Applications:

  • Thread Milling (Single Lead, Dual Lead, Taper, Hypoid Gear And Neiman Type Machining)
  • Spline Shaft Machining.
  • Grinding Wheel Slotting.
  • For Removing Sharp Corners on the Threads.(DS-1000HZ only)
  • Applicable for Machining Keyways.(DS-1000HZ only)
  • Polygon Milling Operations.(DS-1000HZ only)